Service Activities

Most of the opportunities for our service activities arise via, or are inspired by, the national organisation and region we are affiliated to (SSIO UK / Region 2). These include activities in Medicare, Educare, Aquacare, Envirocare and Sociocare. We have some wonderful service  volunteers – some of whom don’t attend the centre, but are ready to help in external activities. Helping hands are always welcome – please ask, or email:

Recent tragic events in London meant some of our members were involved with the Grenfell Tower Disaster Appeal, mainly in dealing with sorting and logistics for a massive amount of clothing and other donated goods. SSIO UK service volunteers arrived from all parts of the country and did some inspiring work over a period of two months.

Nursing Homes for the Elderly (Sociocare)

Activities taken up recently – mainly offering prayers and bhajans at two local nursing homes. One on the first Sunday of the month, helping to make up a team already attending via another Sathya Sai Centre. Another one with a group of about 5 – on one Saturday per month.

Learning Disability (Sociocare)

Some help offered on Saturday mornings for computing classes at Stanmore College. Service also offered once a week at a day care centre for learning disability youth – meals, outings, general activities.

Garden Seva (Envirocare)

Current activity for this is a monthly commitment (usually 2nd Saturday of the month) to clear and maintain the garden and seating area at a day care centre for users with learning disability. Most of the help is given by some highly committed individuals who are not regular centre goers, but who feel blessed when they offer and participate in voluntary service activity.

Please contact if you know of any places in our locality (with perhaps elderly or disabled residents) who need similar help. Also let us know if you would like to help in any way. We do not elicit funds, but we may be able to use any spare garden plants or some physical help

Health Awareness (Medicare)

Guide to Body Mass Index (BMI) – Please fill in your details in this interactive applet from NHS Choices for a quick guide:

content provided by NHS Choices



Sunday Soup Kitchen at Mother Teresa Home – Schedule for 2014

Please contact Centre for enquiries \ volunteering \ offers to support

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