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Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013

In the present, practice of devotion, worship and rituals are for the sake of better comforts and more luxury for the individuals themselves. Devotion has degenerated into a business deal. Often one prays, “Please give me this, I shall give You so much.”If they feel one shrine promises more, the current shrine is given up. If even in the new shrine, one does not get quick returns, then they quickly look elsewhere to some ‘other’ God who gives more profit! Many people wander in this manner. Some also think, “If I stand amongst many others, God will not notice me. I must stand in a unique position and shout to attract His attention!”Do not behave foolishly! Hold fast to noble ideals. Do not try to bring down the Almighty to your limited vision. Rise up, strengthen your detachment and establish yourself in discrimination, then your goal is brought nearer.


Devotion is not for pomp or show to others, it is for us to gain the direct connection to God – it is like the radio, when the frequency is not good we do not get a good connection and hence we do not hear well what is transmitted. But if the frequency is good, there is a good connection and we can hear loud and clear.

Our frequency to God has to be developed. How? Firstly to steady the mind, so that it does not jump from one thought to the next and so on. A steady mind means we can focus well. Focus on what? Not worldly things which lose its value over a period of time. Focus on Divine, which once got hold of one does not need anything else, as all that is needed shall be provided for.

It is important to have unity of thought, word and deed in order to achieve true worship.

The Lord proclaimed in Chapter 12 of Gita “The one who is devoted to Me is dear to Me.”  Devotion is steady constant flow of Love towards the Lord regardless of any results, without expecting any reward. There should be NO BARGAINING when we pray to God. The only thing that we should be seeking from God is the realisation that God and I are ONE.

God is prepared to descend tothe level of the devotee for the sake of his uplift. God knows what we wnat when to give and how much to give. We should not ask, if we keep on asking then our chances of our wishes being fulfilled become remote.

Devotion starts with the attitude that we are the servant of the Lord – Daasoham. Later, we progress to the stage where we identify directly with the Lord, when we can declare “Soham”, “I am He. The Lord and I are One.”


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